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Our Projects

With over 15 years experience delivering solutions for a diverse clientele, Chesalon has spearheaded the design, development and implementation of many complex, large-scale projects across industries.

Some examples that highlight our specialized capabilities:

Advanced Analytics & Research

  • For a renowned public policy think tank, we developed a big data analytics platform to analyze human, animal and plant genomes using machine learning algorithms to accelerate research discoveries.
  • For a leading research organization, we built a system to rapidly analyze scientific publications and clinical trial data to extract actionable insights around trending areas of innovation, drug reactions, treatment efficacy indicators etc.

Software & Technology

  • For a SaaS company offering business process optimization solutions, we engineered a web application to help their customers improve workflows around operations, quality, compliance etc. by leveraging process modeling, automation, insights and control capabilities.
  • For a provider of quality management software, we architected and built an integrated enterprise platform covering audit management, document control, HR systems, risk analysis and other modules – enabling process efficiency.

Education Solutions

  • For a leading educational institution in Asia, we helped adopt a comprehensive school ERP system integrating their student management system, eLearning platform, accounting, payroll and analytics needs onto a common platform resulting in improved decision making.

Digital Publishing & Distribution

  • For a leading global content distributor, we developed an eBook platform to facilitate search, access and management of educational resources. The system features encryption for digital rights management, tools for content ingestion/processing, a cloud-based content repository, an administrator portal with access control capabilities and multi-platform mobile apps to drive end-user consumption.

Healthcare Innovations

  • For an advanced medical device startup, we are developing a suite of AI/ML-based applications including intelligent analytics modules, remote patient monitoring systems and clinician dashboards to drive efficiency while unlocking insights from patient data.

Social Impact Solutions

  • For an educational non-profit, we developed a multilingual AI system using Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models for generating learning content contextualized to communities with limited access and resources – helping democratize quality education globally. 

Construction Technology

  • For a leading construction engineering company, we are managing the design and development of a cloud-based construction ERP software conforming to industry standards around project lifecycle management, equipment/asset tracking, bid management etc. while also exploring intelligent solutions for automation.
  • The system aims to integrate emerging AI/ML technologies to introduce innovations around automated progress tracking, safety regulation checks, bid estimations and advanced analytics.

AI & Chip Design

  • For an innovative semiconductor startup, we are providing architecture design guidance and software development services to redefine machine learning Stack optimized for their proprietary ultra-low power AI chip.

Infrastructure Design

  • For several organizations over the years, we have provided specialized infrastructure and operations management services spanning data center design, cloud migration strategies, networking, security and 24×7 systems management for uninterrupted delivery of their offerings.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our specialized expertise can enable your next breakthrough! We are redefining innovation across construction engineering, AI chip design, healthcare, education, digital publishing, and many other specialized domains.