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Chesalon USA


The Chesalon team has developed and managed complex publishing and software projects including the following:

Software Design and Development

  • For Discovery Institute (a public policy think tank), developed a “big data” platform for finding gene sequences in the human genome and the genomes of other life forms.
  • For ProcessBucket.com (a software-as-a-service company focused on process management), developed a web application to help organizations grow by identifying, describing, assigning, and improving their business processes.

Software Architecture and Quality

  • For Swiss Advantage Systems, Inc. (a software company focused on quality certification), developed eSol which helps companies achieve ISO 9001:2015 quality certification. eSol includes modules for HR management, document control, auditing, and risk analysis.
  • For a Majority World seminary, architected a school information system that included a student management system and an accounting system.

Software Encryption and Security

  • For several technology companies, provided network and security management, including designing architectures, operating data centers, and maintaining Network Operating Centers.

Software Sustainability

  • For several technology companies, maintained code repositories, developed documentation, conducted user training, and supported production software.