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Our Process

Our Process

At Chesalon, we follow a rigorous yet agile process focused on understanding needs, strategic planning, and flawless execution.


We invest heavily in understanding our clients’ ecosystem – their mission, goals, workflows, systems, and pain points. This sets the foundation to build solutions that truly work. Our discovery phase includes:

  • Understanding business vision, organizational priorities, and success metrics
  • Mapping current processes, tools, data flows to identify bottlenecks
  • Defining stakeholder groups and their needs
  • Envisioning future processes and capabilities to enhance operations


Our skilled solution architects analyze findings from discovery to devise solutions using the optimal tools – off-the-shelf products, open-source platforms, custom elements etc. The plans define:

  • Component architecture outlining integrations
  • Technology alternatives evaluation
  • Effort & cost estimates across options
  • Scalability, security, compliance considerations
  • Infrastructure, deployment, and ops recommendations


We rapidly build prototypes and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) versions through agile sprints. Showcasing capability and feasibility early de-risks projects. The MVPs enable:

  • Demonstrating functionality to users
  • Incorporating early feedback
  • Establishing benchmarks
  • Assessing scalability, security needs
  • Documenting preliminary operating procedures


The production system gets built incorporating learnings from the MVP. Rigorous testing and pilots refinement with subgroups precede full solution launch. This ensures:

  • Smooth user onboarding and adoption
  • Optimized system performance and stability
  • Streamlined infra, ops and admin workflows
  • Effective issue tracking and resolution


We recognize that a solution’s lifecycle extends well beyond initial launch and adoption. Through ongoing support and management, we ensure the system continues delivering value consistently. Our process allows continual enhancements even post-implementation – to lower TCO, boost capability, and unlock innovation.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Technical Support: Providing assistance to administrators and users in managing and using the solution through training programs and on-demand troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance: Regular upkeep activities like upgrades, patches, enhancements, implementation, data backups to optimize integrity and performance.
  • Monitoring: Instrumenting key metrics around usage, adoption, system health and leveraging analytics dashboards to facilitate data-driven management.
  • Innovation: Continual improvement and expansion of scope by introducing new capabilities, integrations, technologies aligned to evolving business needs.

By making maintenance a core focus area, we enable clients to continually unlock and maximize returns on their technology investments.