Over the past four years, the law firms of James Holmes, Stephen Woodfin, David Miller and Jay Kutchka have joined together to pioneer class action odometer fraud litigation.

In April of 2004, the lawyers filed a first of its kind suit against Honda Motor Company alleging that Honda purposefully tampered with the odometers in all of its 2002-2006 automobiles in the United States.

The lawyers settled that case in November of 2006. The administration of the settlement is currently underway. The lawyers are litigating similar claims against Honda in Canada and have filed a second suit against Nissan Motor Company.

During the course of investigating and preparing these cases, the lawyers and their experts have tested automobiles of virtually every make and model.

They continue to investigate claims of accelerated odometers based on information developed in litigation and experimentation as well as claims brought to their attention by consumers across the country. This site is intended to provide you with general information about odometers, the lawyers and the litigation.


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